Descent of Revelation and start calling

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Eleven years before of migration

The revelation to the Prophet peace be upon him

The people of Quraysh worshiped the idols was the Prophet peace be upon him stayed away from them And was going to the cave of Hira To contemplates which was takes food and drink days it sits and contemplates the greatness of the Creator of the universe
In a day of Ramadan while he was the Prophet, peace be upon him contemplates God revealed it Jibreel Was the Prophet, peace be upon him any prophet illiterate does not know how to read and write. Jibreel he said to him: Read the Prophet said to him, peace be upon him: I can not read Jibreel repeated three times was the Prophet, peace be upon him say every time I can not read. Jibreel he said to him: | | read the name of your Lord who created. Created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is Most Generous. Who taught by the pen. Anthropology did not know what | |. This was the first a Quranic verse from the Quran was revealed
Returned the Prophet peace be upon him frightened so he headed to his house to his wife, Khadija said to her, Cover me when he calmed down he told her what happened she said to him preach the gospel, I swear does not disgrace God never
Best of the Prophet peace be upon him the power of God Almighty When left is accompanied Laurel When he went to the house of his wife Khadija Descended upon Jibreel he said to him : (O you Amma, do forebode , And Lord magnify ....)
As stated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari from Abu Salamah ibn Abdul Rahman Al Jaber said:
I heard the Prophet peace be upon him, which happens about a revelation he said in his speech: "While I was walking I heard a voice from heaven, raising my head if the king, who came to me bhraa sitting on a chair between the sky and the earth, Trembled horror of it so she went back and I said: These words These words, Revealed God Dtheroni O you Enveloped | |
And thus became the prophet peace be upon him to respond to calls to his religion was the first of the safest is the cousin of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and Ali ibn Abi Talib and his wife Khadija

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