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Year 7 of the the prophetic mission

It is well known that the people of Quraish before the birth of the Prophet and the revelation before they worshiped idols they make and consider their gods. When I started to invite the Prophet peace be upon him has started increased numbers of Muslims in what was for the people of Quraish to intervene Was the people of the Prophet advocate and protectors clips of all the people of Quraish Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib even hand over the Prophet, peace be upon him to them Boycott lasted for three years, it was the people of Mecca buying food and drink from the prices of the most expensive caravans to be denied the tribe of Banu Hashim and sons of Abdul Muttalib
People died of hunger and thirst, of severe ate some leaves of trees and was eats some fruit and absorbs the bone days of severe hunger and some of them were puts the skin in the fire And eaten by the severity of hunger, too. The woman was Khadija God bless them spend money to buy food for the Prophet peace be upon him and the poor Muslims
At the beginning of the tenth year of the prophetic mission came vulva, told the Holy Prophet that his uncle Abu Talib (termites) have eaten the newspaper until none was left but the name of God And make sure that the infidels from the true found him so he Hisham bin Amr, one of the polytheists who bring people in Quraish With Albchtera bin Hisham Zama bin Aswad and between Adi who were giving a helping hand to the Bani Hashim and Bani Abdul Muttalib he said Hisham Ibn Amr: | | Yamashr Quraish Yamashr Quraish Therefore, when they said I am satisfied with with this the newspaper unjust Do you want people to die in front of you, but between you and them wombs | |
Came back the spirit of the sons of Bani Hashim and Abu Muttalib And still the crisis, which lasted 3 years of hunger, poverty and miserable but the polytheists Still cursing the Prophet, peace be upon him frequently insulted and accused him going crazy and he follows the tales of the ancients
But the Prophet did not care for them and continued his call for the deployment was God protect him and support him ejaculates many Quranic verses, such as : | | Do not obey all Hallaf humiliating | | | | Woe to each sinful liar hears Ayat(اية (llah Rehearsed to it Then insist snobby If he had not heard He preached grievous penalty
:||وَلا تُطِعْ كُلَّ حَلافٍ مَهِينٍ|| ,||وَيْلٌ لِكُلِّ أَفَّاك أَثِيم يَسْمَعُ آيَـتِ اللهِ تُتْلَى عَلَيْهِ ثُمَّ يُصِرُّ مُسْتَكْبِراً كَأَن لَمْ يَسْمَعْهَا فَبَشِّرْهُ بِعَذَاب أَلِيم

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