Isra and Mi'raj

Between the eleventh year and the twelfth year of the Mission

Isra and Mi'raj is a journey blessed of God Almighty and the Prophet peace be upon him and Isra a journey of floor from Mecca to the Holy Land And Mi'raj is a journey from Holy House to the heavens the Supreme and then to The Prophet Then encounter the mighty heavens and the earth Almighty
Jibreel came (pbuh) to Muhammad peace be upon him one night on an animal called Buraq And is the beast of beasts paradise stop Jibreel In house lehem, the birthplace of Jesus peace be upon
He found all the prophets and prayed as the imam and Jibreel then give two glasses, one that has a vintage paradise No Wesker and another cup contains of milk chose the Prophet peace be upon him the milk
He said Jibreel | | chosen instinct | | It was intended to follow the religion and ratified his nature, Then Gabriel pbuh ascended to the sky and found in the first sky Adam, pbuh and in the second heaven he found Jesus, son of Maryam and Yahya peace be upon them
And in the third heaven found youssef peace be upon him, and in the fourth heaven found Idris pbuh and Aaron pbuh in the fifth the sky And in the sixth heaven found Moses pbuh in the seventh heaven and found Abraham pbuh
He then went Jibreel Prophet peace be upon him to Sidrat almenthy (سدرة المنتهى) It is a tree of great God ordered him fifty prayers every day on his way back again met with Moses pbuh
Said to him, you order your Lord said unto him, the Prophet peace be upon him fifty prayers of Moses ordered him to return to God Almighty and to ease the descent Destiny By virtue of that Moses lived with his people the stubborn imposed on them twice prayer and they did not commit and after frequency between God and Moses, pbuh Many times the shrinking number of prayers from fifty prayer to five prayers Advised Moses, pbuh Muhammad peace be upon him to return to relieve said pbuh | | I have too embarrassed God | |
Thus Expired the miracle of Isra and Mi'raj and imposed prayer on the Muslim, which is the five prayers imposed