Of migration to Madina El Monawara

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Year of fourteen of the Mission

the idolaters of Quraish in to kill the the Prophet, peace be upon him Jibreel came to the Prophet Warns of these idolaters Cade , Was the Prophet peace be upon him had asked his cousin Ali ibn Abi Talib to spend the night in his bed
And when they came when you the Prophet taking the Prophet, peace be upon him a handful of soil, and put part of it on the head of every gentile besieged his home, they do not feel he stole God's their sight When they passed a man from idolaters said to them: What are you waiting here? They said: Muhammad. He said God disappointed, and may God came upon Mohammed. So the man watched Muhammad when they saw the slot of the door and they found someone asleep waited until the morning when they found Ali bin Abi Talib, They grabbed him and beat him
Then Intaleq Muhammad peace be upon him with Abu Bakr toward Mecca, where the south of Yathrib (Medina) was situated in the north of Mecca And this in order not to see them idolaters And he stayed the Prophet, peace be upon him with Abu Bakr in the cave of Thor 3 days
, With the the court that the plan was the the perfect God Almighty discovered the the people of Quraish road that went from the Prophet peace be upon him and Abu Bakr And handed him to the cave of Thor was the Prophet peace be upon him sits in the cave Thor placidly quite unlike Abu Bakr, who was concerned and felt fear
And in fact was not afraid on himself Abu Bakr was brave, but he fears that the Prophet peace be upon him If it speaks Prophet peace be upon him : | | O Messenger of Allah, if some of them bowed his eyesight saw us. | | rumored to in the last novel that Abu Bakr said | | O Messenger of God, I am what I just said I had killed one man, and that you killed perished the nation | |. If the Messenger of Allah answered him | | shut up, O Abu Bakr, what do you think, O Abu Bakr, of two the third God | |.
After that took hours to reach idolaters to task a cave of Thor did not consider themselves inside with that this does not cost them only a few seconds of this is God's will as the spider has woven weaved on the door of Laurel surface on idolaters that the Prophet does not exist in the cave because the spider will not put strings if one inside the laurel and the story of the bathroom, which laid eggs in front of the cave of Thor, this miracle of God Almighty and the result was survival of the Prophet peace upon him and his friend in the end and victory over idolaters. After mislead idolaters out of the Prophet peace be upon him and Abu Bakr, may

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