Hudaybiya Treaty

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November than the sixth year of migration

Hudaybiya Treaty
Hudaybiya Treaty hold in November than the sixth year of migration and this was the agreement between the Muslims and the people of Quraish truce and what a 10-year.

After he announced the Prophet peace be upon him that he wants to go to Mecca for Umrah, he went with the 400 immigrants and supporters to perform the rituals when he was approached of the Quraysh to inform them that they rounded up armies to fight them and to stop them from entering Mecca
After having sent the Prophet peace be upon him Uthman Ibn Affan to Mecca in order to inform the people of Quraish they coming in peace and do not want the war when he was delayed Othman Ibn Affan in return been launched rumor of his death and was to swear allegiance to the Prophet, peace be upon him as it is called the pledge of allegiance Radwan Quraish sent Suhail bin Amr in the hold he wanted people Magistrate Magistrate when they sent this man, Sohail spoke long and then agreed on the rules of the peace.
And it was the terms of the Treaty:
Of the most important conditions stipulated by the newspaper the Magistrate is the arrest of war for ten years And non-aggression on any tribe or some whatever reason and that is shown by the Muslims of Quraish gives them a Muslim without permission his guardian, and not respond by back to Quraish of Muslims And that it wanted to enter into the era of Quraish entered it, and wanted to enter into the era of Muhammad is not Quraish entered into the
The first objective of Hudaybiya Treaty stop the bloodshed between the Quraysh and the Muslims for no reason has many long enmity between them and also the presence of the Kaaba in Mecca and the latter is a symbol of Islam and Muslims Failing to perform Umrah and Hajj is a great loss for every Muslim.

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