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Hijri date

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hijri calendar is the Islamic calendar, and unlike the Gregorian calendar, this calendar based on the lunar cycle and hijri Calendar see to immigration the Prophet Muhammad from Mecca to Medina and is used this calendar in determining days events and religious holidays such as Ramadan, Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha , the birth anniversary of Prophet
hijri Calendar in turn consists of 12 months where thehijri Calendar names used since the days of ignorance
First hijri calendar month and called this name relative to the prohibition of fighting the Arabs in this month
Second hijri calendar months and was named to the proportion of homes that Arabs were devoid of any people for war

First Spring (ربيع الاول)
Three months Calendar hijri and called this name because they were repairing the damage from what shot him in Safar
The second Spring (ربيع التاني)
Fourth month hijri calendar and so called because the Arabs were attempting to invest whatever it took away from the spoils at safar
First Jumada (جمادى الاولى)
hijri Calendar fifth month and called this name because it comes at a time where the winter time label frozen water
The second Jumada (جمادى التانية)
Sixth month hijri calendar and was named the proportion of it comes in the winter time also
Rajab (رجب)
Seventh month Calendar hijri and called this name Trgib(ترجيب) spears proportion of rancid because they tend not to fight them
Shaaban (شعبان)
hijri calendar the eighth month and called this name because the Arabs were doing it to ask for water
Ramadan (رمضان)
hijri Calendar ninth months and months is the greatest Islamic calendar and Muslims approached it from God and it is the month in which was revealed the Quran and Meaning that it is derived from the name (Alramad), which is a free of stones intensity of the sun's heat
Shawwal (شوال)
Tenth months Calendar hijri and called this name relative to that beauty was a move in which the tail
Dhul Qadah (دي القعدة)
Eleventh month Calendar hijri and called this proportion of to basophil for a migratory traveler
Dhul Hijjah (دي الحجة )
Twelfth hijri calendar months and the last month and was named to proportion of the Muslim pilgrimage to the ancient house of God for pilgrimage

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