Conquest of Mecca

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Date Conversion

Ramadan eighth year of immigration

Conquest of Mecca

Quraish had violated the truce that was between them and the Muslims, and with the help of the Quraish tribe of Bani Aldil who have attacked the tribe Khuza'a, overruled items Hudaybiya Treaty signed by Muslims
Prepare the Prophet peace be upon him his army, consisting of 10,000 fighters of immigrants and supporters to open Mecca postion Muslim forces from all four sides of Mecca, where they did not find any resistance and entered Mecca without a fight, but Akrama bin Abi Jahl with Safwan ibn Umayyah and Suhail bin Amr Who have led the army to try to stop the Muslims and prevent them from entering Mecca overcame them Khaled Ibn Waleed and from him, killing 12 of them ten men and the others fled.
When he entered the Prophet peace be upon him Mecca and he put his head humblest of God, when he saw what Allaah honored him of its opening and has cycled around and he smashed the idols that were around so he also assured the people when he saw the pictures also ordered breaker When arrived prayer time is Muhammad, peace upon him Bilal Ibn Rabah to climb to the top of the Kaaba and the the adhan was the first been authorized in the history of Islam
He sat the Prophet peace be upon him nineteen days in Mecca, Islam renews parameters, and instructs people to guidance, and calls for people to follow the right path and stay away from falsehood and invite them to destroy all the idols were Olney Iebdonha.
Mecca was to open a great credit to the people of Mecca were the safest and a lot of them saw the straight path and was among those who converted to Islam, senior Quraish Safwan ibn Umayyah and Suhail bin Amr and Akrama bin Abi Jahl and Abu Qahafa father Abu Bakr and khafa bin Omair Laithi ...

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