Battle of the Trench

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The fifth year of immigration

Battle of the Trench

After the expulsion of the Muslims, the Jews of Bani Nadir outside of Medina after trying to kill the Prophet, peace be upon him came out a delegation of Jews for every Arab tribes And they have compiled a large army with a view to eliminate the religion of Muhammad
Army out coalition of more than 10,000 fighters, 400 of them from Quraysh heathens and everyone his purpose the elimination of Muslims once and for final Arrived to the attention of the Prophet peace be upon him the news of the coalition army moved Muslims began plotting to confront those idolaters This time, became the number-fold doubling of the number of those who preceded them in previous battles they suggested Salman the Persian idea of digging a trench around the city and this is a ploy used by the Persians as a plan of defense
Muslims welcomed the idea and Salman were happy with and even cheered for Salman on this bright idea of it, Muslims work hard to dig the trench Everyonehe participated in the drill without exception, no difference between rich and poor and north of Medina, because the rest of the bodies immune palm trees and houses
When it came idolaters who numbered 10,000 fighters, versus 3000 Muslim only and found trench separates them and Medina They kept the entire month besieging Medina and built and set up tents and forts until the Muslims out they have to fight them But God sent the storm winds unbelievers in the dark night destroyed their tents and dropped their fortresses and extinguished the fire was the wind serves as soldiers of God who was sent to the idolaters Maybe that was a strong union polytheists to fall Muhammad peace be upon him and from him, but God their response disappointed because God gives and not neglect

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