Battle of Ohod

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Seventh of Shaual in the third year of migration

Battle of Ohod

After the defeat of the Infidels of Quraish and destabilize its position between the tribes and the victory of the Muslims and take the booty and captives did not shut idolaters of course,
added to this the hatred of Muslims and they were determined respond to them in terms that the only reason was not of course to restore the status of the tribe but also were damaged trade Quraish often due to repeated attacks of Muslims were damaged their business a lot and felt the danger
Polytheists decided to attack the Muslims without their knowledge They collected 3,000 soldiers from within the Quraysh and from neighboring villages and went to Medina, on the other hand sent Abbas ibn Muttalib, who was the then gentile message to the Prophet peace be upon him
after he felt the seriousness of the situation was tell him in the letter of intent for the people of Quraish in attacking validation of the message sent Prophet peace be upon him Hubab message to bin Mundhir bin jamoh God bless response was the same
Collection of the Prophet peace be upon him Muslims and Haoarham concerning go out to fight the idolaters, agreed them and some of them refused and wanted to stay In Medina and this was the opinion of the Prophet peace be upon him,
but also some Muslims were enthusiastic to get out fighting enemy, especially after their win in the Battle of Badr
And dared to hope to die martyrs for God's sake also, in the center of this urgency did not find the Prophet peace be upon him a way out of the refusal and the best of the Prophet peace be upon him that it proceed with this choice
The collection of the Prophet peace be upon him, and a thousand men was appointed guarding Medina in his absence, The movement of to coming into contact with the enemy in the middle of the road by Abdullah ibn Abi Bin Salool
something Sly took with him one-third of the army was trying to differentiate among the Muslims and aggressors in the fight for lack faith in God
to try Abdullah bin haram may Allah be pleased with him to get them to come back for their decision and returned for this decision and clung to their faith.
On Saturday, the arrival of the soldiers to the mountain ohed and section the Prophet peace be upon him army into three sections immigrants and Khazraj
and the Aws, began the epic battle began dueling severe begun features victory show through heroic attitudes shown by the Muslims
in the fighting and Astpsahlhm The ranks of Quraish began preparing to enrolled head down shooters to take the spoils, thinking of them that they have won
the and found Khaled Ibn Waleed chance at that and trapped from both sides to equip them
There was a man named Ibn Qmip finished off Musab bin Omair may God be pleased with him surface on the man that Muhammad peace be upon him and him
publishing news kill for destabilize that the ranks Muslims who are are afflicted with the tragedy of the story,
and while the Muslims were in that ordeal was the Prophet peace be upon him in the plight facing death Smearing his face with blood-Sharif
, Ascended the Prophet peace be upon him to the top of the mountain with three of Muslims witnessing them courage in defense of the Prophet, peace be upon him they Abi Talha and Nusseibeh girl heel and
Saad bin Abi Waqas, God bless them what ascended the Prophet peace be upon him to the mountain they saw Muslims and returned To fight after they thought he had died
continued to fight but the Muslims have lost a lot of fighters and failed in this war, and he died seventy Sahabia And wounding many of them,
and this for a foul orders the Prophet peace be upon him and go behind the spoils are regarded as ohed of the first Battle of Trench for the Muslims
as a result of failure to follow orders

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