The Battle of Badr

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The seventeenth of Ramadan in the second year of Of migration

The Battle of Badr

In the second year of Of migration to Madina El Monawara in the seventeenth of Ramadan took place
The Battle of Badr and Quraish Strife for Muslims and the Quraish It is the supporters and The Battle of Badr is the first foray
Islamic name came Badr proportion to the area where the battle signed, where it is the name of a well located between Mecca and Medina
The Battle of Badr reasons that the Prophet peace be upon him came out with 200 immigrants to intercept a convoy Quraish which was heading from Mecca to the Levant
It was carrying goods and money, it is known that idolaters were looting and stealing the wealth of the Muslims Was driving a convoy of Quraish Abu Sufyan,
who knew about the Prophet peace be upon him sent the asked support from the Quraish They sent nearly 1000 fighter
To salvage their money and their goods, which are in danger, and so the convoy escaped, but idolaters are determined to fight the Muslims
in the light of their numerical superiority Participants in the battle, the number of idolaters approximately 1000 fighters and the number of Muslims was 313, where 213 of them from the Ansar and 82 immigrants
The events of battle Despite the number of idolaters Muslims who exceed more than twice defeating idolaters and they felt shame and the shame of their defeat by Muslims
And they went out heavy losses has ordered the Prophet peace be upon him to bury the martyrs and Muslims concealing the dead of enemies
and then went to Medina happy booty and victory thanks to God Almighty This was the reason for the Quraish Strife for Muslims And hatred them to the max and try after this defeat in Palmeajmh revenge on the city in the battle-of-ohod.html

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