Radwan promised

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Monday, November 6 for the year of immigration

Radwan promised
Muslims went to perform Umrah in Mecca, where the latter was still under the influence of Quraysh polytheists stop the Prophet, peace be upon him away in Hudaybiyah a full day's journey to Mecca
And sent the Prophet peace be upon him Othman Ibn Affan may God be pleased with him to the people of Quraish in order to tell them that the destination of Muslims went to Mecca is to perform Umrah and not fighting.
Back when long-otman spread the rumor of his death, the companions came to the Prophet, peace be upon him was the number of Evalonh pledged allegiance between 1300-1525 and was the target of allegiance and not to flee the fighting and are content with this condition,
This was called the Allegiance Radwan promised, sees some also defended the allegiance is to repel the infidels of the Prophet peace be upon him for umrah was no less important reason for the detention of Uthman bin Affan.
Muslims consider that it was a test from God, those who believe the Prophet peace be upon him

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